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Transforming your school

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Hampshire IT is uniquely able to give advice and experience to help you invest in technology to improve your school's outcomes.

The Hosted School Service is not simply the purchase of machines or kit. It is not simply an IT network. It is a complete ICT service where Hampshire IT and your school work together to improve outcomes for children and ensure your staff have the information they need, when they need it.

HSS provides a fully integrated ICT service covering both administration and curriculum needs. Plus it allows you to provide your learners with access to their learning materials, information and content from anywhere at any time from a wide range of devices.

When you invest in HSS we will help you identify your school priorities. Our school improvement colleagues from HIAS and our ICT Lead Teachers will work with your staff to see how technology can ensure you meet those priorities. We also have experienced education ICT consultants who can help you turn your school business requirements into ICT solutions which meet your school, staff and learner needs.

Joining HSS is only the beginning!

After we've installed HSS in your school, we will work with you term-by-term to understand your needs as they change over time. We can make adjustments to HSS and introduce new elements, helping it evolve as your school grows.

A named account manager will visit you twice a year and review the performance of HSS. He or she will keep you aware of any new development opportunities from HSS and Hampshire IT.

When we work together we can help you help your learners by

  • keeping up-to-date with curriculum and technological developments
  • understanding how technology can be used as an effective tool for learning
  • investigating how current and developing technologies used outside the classroom can operate within the learning environment
  • gaining transferable skills that can be used to support learning now and in the future
  • networking with other professionals and sharing good practice.

We regularly put on development seminars, events and courses through our eLearn eTeach service. Your account manager will keep you updated and explain which events are appropriate for your school.

Don't risk buying a network of machines that will soon become outdated and unfit for the future learning environment. Invest in HSS, the complete and unique ICT service.