Courier Service Gazetteer

This Gazetteer is split into two parts, the first part refers to non-school based locations that are served 52 weeks per annum and the second part refers to schools that are served 40 weeks per annum in term time only.


Locations served have been allocated a specific Courier Code. This mainly consists of a two letter prefix followed by a number. It is essential that ALL mail carry this number which refers to the Courier route and destination location.


  • Andover War Memorial Hospital – CG 85 (Courier Route G, mail point 85).

  • The Potteries, Wickham – CC 102 (Courier Route C, mail point 102).

Hampshire Libraries have been allocated a similar coding system but consists of a one letter prefix followed by three numbers.

Hampshire Constabulary based calls have been allocated two codes, one consisting of a two letter H.C. code and the second consisting of a letter and three numbers.

By using these Code Numbers you will speed up the sorting and delivery of all mail sent.

All mail intended for delivery to Hampshire Constabulary service locations must include the Collar Number of the recipient.

Offices which are not directly served by the Courier Service but are near a location that is covered can arrange, by prior arrangement with that location, to have mail delivered their. Please note that the Courier Service will not notify the addressee of delivery.

Rules for the use of the Courier Service

  1. This is a mail only service (Police Uniform will not be carried).

  2. Couriers have been instructed not to wait for any mail.

  3. All mail MUST be clearly addressed – this must consist of a name, HC Collar Number where appropriate, destination location and Courier Code.

  4. All mail must be in envelopes or plastic mail pouches etc. If this is not possible please ensure that is securely bundled with elastic bands or string. All mail must be clearly labelled with the destination address and Courier Code.

  5. If bulky, unusual items or large volumes of materials need to be carried, prior arrangements must be made with the Courier Service. This can be done by using either the telephone numbers given below or by using the e-mail address supplied. Please be aware that there maybe a separate charge for these items.

  6. Larger distributions must be pre-sorted by route, delivery point and department. Any distribution that is intended for schools or groups of schools must be sorted into separate Courier routes, the details of which can be obtained from the Courier Service.

  7. When re-using old envelopes please ensure that all previous addresses are deleted.

  8. When using plastic mail pouches please ensure that address labels are correctly positioned and show the intended destination address.

  9. Mail for main offices must clearly show the intended department as well as the destination location address.

  10. Missing items maybe traced with the assistance of the Courier Service office, the contacts for which are listed below.  

A Recorded Delivery service is available on request. A separate charge maybe made for this service.

Courier Service Contact Details

Office Telephone Number
01962 873950

(Please note office hours are 0630 – 1500 Mon / Thurs and 0630 – 1400 on Fridays).

Courier Service Manager
Mr. John M. Franks
07793 757744

Mr. David Maskew
07793 757745

Mr. Russell Meddings
07793 757746


Courier Service contacts

tel 01962 873950

Courier Service Manager
John M. Franks
tel 07793 757744

Courier Service Supervisor
David Maskew
tel 07793 757745

Office hours

  • Monday-Thursday
    6am – 3.30pm
  • Friday
    6am – 3pm