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Supplied and calibrated by Hampshire Transport Management

With vehicle overloading becoming more of an issue, it is sometimes difficult to know how to control it within your own fleet. As an approved Red Forge fitment and calibration centre, Hampshire Transport Management can provide you with a simple and best value solution.

Reasons to consider choosing a Red Forge Vehicle Weighing System

Overloading a vehicle…

  • makes a vehicle less stable, difficult to steer and slower to reach a standstill
  • puts massive strain on vehicle tyres and suspension
  • increases wear on the vehicle – resulting in more expensive maintenance costs
  • invalidates insurance cover
  • may mean a court appearance with associated bad publicity if caught
  • puts your Operators Licence at risk.

Some facts about overloading:

  • In 2011 VOSA stopped and checked 74,239 vehicles for overloading. Of these, an average of 25.9% were issued with overloading prohibitions.
  • In 2011 38.7% of LGVs weighed were prohibited for being overloaded.
  • Legislation imposes fines of up to £5,000 per offence. This means a 4-Axle vehicle could generate fines of up to £25,000.
  • If operating an overloaded vehicle results in someone being killed, both the driver and the operator could face a substantial jail sentence for Manslaughter or for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.


By installing an on-board axle load indicator your drivers know exactly where they stand. The question of ‘am I overloaded?’ becomes a thing of the past; they know their load status without the inconvenience of a visit to a weighbridge.

Your responsibility

As a responsible vehicle operator, you are also exercising your duty of care by providing the necessary data for the driver to make an informed choice as to if the vehicle is correctly loaded or not.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about obtaining a Vehicle Weighing System through Hampshire Transport Management, please contact Andrew Ellis on (01962) 873931 or e-mail