Register for ESS Lite


Please note that external contractors and agency workers cannot access ESS Lite.

You will need the following information to register for ESS Lite.

  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • SAP Personnel number - if you don’t know this ask your line manager
  • National Insurance number

If you don't know any of these details ask your line manager, who will be able to look it up for you.

Watch a demo...

Open the registration screen

Open a web browser (eg Internet Explorer or Google Chrome), enter the address into the address field (do not enter www.) then press Enter or Return on your keyboard or device.

Register address field

The Registration Step 1 of 2 screen will open.

Register - Step 1 of 2

Enter your details

Complete the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • Date of birth - must be in the format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Personnel Number
  • NI number.

When all fields are complete, press Continue and the Registration Step 2 of 2 screen will open.

Register - Step 2 of 2

Set up password and memorable word

Complete the following fields:

  • Email - optional field, this field can be used to enter a personal email address if you wish
  • Confirm email - re-enter the same email address again (only if you've completed the Email field)
  • Password - enter a password which matches the requirements displayed on the screen. Do not use your name in your password
  • Confirm password - re-enter the same password again
  • Memorable word - enter a memorable word which matches the requirements displayed on the screen
  • Confirm memorable word - re-enter the same memorable word.

For information

You will require your personnel number, password and memorable word to login to ESS Lite in the future.

Accept terms and conditions

You will see an Acceptance of use message at the bottom of the page:

Accept terms and conditions message

Press to tick the box next to I agree to the above terms of use then press Register.

The Registration screen will open confirming Your account has been successfully registered.

You have now successfully registered, close the web page by pressing X in the top right corner.

Problems registering?

If you have problems registering for ESS Lite, please check the following:

  • Ensure only your last name is entered in the Name field – do not use your full name
  • Verify your details in ESS to ensure they are correct – check your personnel number and National Insurance number
  • Re-check that your chosen password matches the necessary criteria

If you are still having problems, telephone the CIC on 0300 555 0223 and select 7000 for access issues.