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Updated 16 November 2015

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‘Working Together’: Economy, Transport and Environment (ETE) Parish event: 11 November 2015

Hampshire's parish and town councils were briefed on highway winter preparations and the progress being made with local communities to develop a holistic ‘catchment-based’ approach to help minimise flood risk.

This was followed by a presentation on the challenge ETE faces in managing growing levels of waste, with reference to a further public consultation in the New Year on the future of household waste recycling centre services.

Colin Taylor, Assistant Director, explained how the Highways Team is working to transform the service, so it becomes more efficient and maintains the quality of its core service.

Parishes heard how their input from the last event in March and feedback from the public over the summer had informed thinking on the difficult decisions which the Department has to make to deliver the required £14.5m revenue savings by April 2017.

By 2017 the County Council will have delivered a total of £340m in savings since 2008, during which time the general grant has more than halved. Cllr Woodward praised parishes for the help they provide the County Council in communicating messages and encouraging community action to support public services. They were reminded to respond to the current Highways consultation which closes on 11 December 2015.

The event concluded with a presentation from Stuart Jarvis, ETE’s Director, on the opportunities that could come if Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are successful in negotiating a devolution deal with the Government.

Shaping the future of economy, transport and environment Services: 26 March 2015

Hampshire's parish and town councils were briefed on current services provided by the Department for Economy, Transport and Environment.

The event explored the potential options under consideration to achieve further efficiencies over the next two years to help the County Council make the necessary additional £100 million of revenue savings by April 2017. Over 60 local councils considered a range of questions (see slides below) and used voting pads to indicate their initial thoughts on preferences and priorities.

All were encouraged to discuss the issues with their own parishes and email the Department with any further comments. Local councils were also asked to encourage local residents to respond to the County Council's forthcoming public consultation about future budget plans which is due to take place after the General Election in May.

Working together to make Hampshire resilient 24 November 2014: Parish and Town Council event

The Department for Economy, Transport and Environment, with the support of Hampshire Association of Local Councils, hosted a further 'Working Together' event which brought together local council clerks, councillors and other key partners. Discussions focused on how the County Council and partners are working with local communities to manage future flood risk, to address the national funding challenges now facing local authorities and help strengthen local resilience.

Download the presentation slides:

Working Together 16 January 2014: Parish and town council event

Over 120 representative from Hampshire local councils attended this event. Discussions covered flood risk management, community infrastructure, including implications of the new Community Infrastructure Levy, and current work to shape the County’s Highway Service for the future.

Conference 9 December 2013: working in partnership to minimise flood risk

Event 'Getting that Gold': 24 October 2012

This event was aimed at helping local councils more effectively target and secure grant funding for their local communities. Steven Lugg, Chief Executive of Hampshire Association of Local Councils, explained the different funding options that exist. The workshop was followed by a series of funding surgeries with Steven Lugg and Jennie Pell, the County Council’s Funding Officer, for parishes to seek detailed advice on specific plans. Twenty-nine local councils took part and the overall verdict was that it had been a "very useful and inspiring day".

For further information please contact Anne Harrison, Senior Economic Development Officer, Hampshire County Council, on 01962 846558.

Event: 'Working Together to Support Local Communities' 25 May 2012

The Economy, Transport and Environment Department (ETE) hosted an event for parish and town councils which considered the wide range of services provided by ETE and how local councils might help shape their design and delivery in the future.

Over 60 local councils attended and, whilst constraints that faced both local councils and the County Council were acknowledged, delegates and officers considered how they might work more effectively together to help build understanding, local capacity and improve the quality and responsiveness of  services.  

For further information about the 25 May event please email

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