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At the time of the Domesday Survey Ellisfield was part of the estate of the Bishop of Bayeux and was held by Hugh de Port. The overlordship remained with the de Ports and passed to the St. Johns in the thirteenth century. The history of the manor is rather confused until in 1386 it passed to Sir Walter Sandys. A Sir William Sandys who inherited in 1496 was a favourite of Henry VIII and was made Lord Chamberlain and created Baron Sandys. In 1657 the fifth Lord Sandys sold the property and it was divided considerably. However by 1789 it was mostly reunited and purchased by John Wallop, Earl of Portsmouth.

A second manor in the area was held by the Prior of Southwick. In the reign of Edward II the prior appears as joint Lord of Ellis field but after 1428 there is no mention of the priory's land.

Flints, arrowheads and other prehistoric implements discovered in the parish indicate extensive settlement in pre-Roman times. The original church of St. Martin was built before the reign of Henry III (1216-1272), but was restored in 1872.

Ellisfield Parish Council

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