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Pennington is now mainly a residential suburb of Lymington, though it does also have the main educational complex of the area: an Infant, Junior and Secondary School, and an Adult Education Centre, all at Priestlands.

Previously Pennington was for centuries a separate Parish and Manor. The house Yaldhurst, in fact, has a Domesday connection. Two mediaeval mills at Efford and Gordleston still exist as places and names.

St. Marks Church, Pennington Parish church, was built in 1860 and is still the only church or chapel in Pennington. The mediaeval "Priestlands" establishment (whatever it was) has long since disappeared.

A Milford and Pennington Parish Council was created in 1894 and a separate Pennington Parish Council in 1911. However, in 1932, Pennington was absorbed by Lymington Borough and has shared its history since then.

Further information on attractions to discover in the area and other interesting villages to visit is available.  For information on public services for Pennington please take a look at the Lymington local pages.