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Hound and Netley

Situated three miles South East of Southampton on the East side of Southampton Water. In 1974 the population was 5000. Today it stands at 6774. The village of Netley lies within the Parish of Hound, and grew up during the last century adjacent to the large military hospital.

The Royal Victoria Hospital was built after the Crimean War for wounded and invalid soldiers. The building fell into disuse after the Second World War and was demolished in 1966. Also at Netley are the ruins of a 13th century Cistercian abbey founded in the time of Henry III and suppressed by Henry VIII in the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Close by is Netley Castle which incorporates part of a fort built by Henry VIII for coastal defence in 1540. The castle was later converted into a Victorian mansion. The ancient parish church of St. Mary is situated in Hound village, and is said to have been built by Hamble Priory.

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