The Learning Zone uses the Course Administration System (CAS) to administer courses.

CAS is a web-based system and therefore can be used wherever you have access to the internet.

Open the Learning Zone

Enter the following url into the address bar in your web browser:

Light bulbTip: The recommended resolution of your screen should be 1024 x 768.

Courses, events and sessions

Every course is made up of events. One course could have many events if it runs many times over its lifetime. Each event will train a single group of participants.

Each event is made up of sessions. An event could have one session (if it is a one day course, example) or many sessions (if it is a multi session course). A delegate signing up to the event is signing up for the full suite of sessions.

It may help to view the course, event, session relationship like this:
Course structure diagram

Course and event codes

Every course and event is 'stamped' with a unique identifying code. The code indicates which subject and provider the course belongs to.

For example; DAHT0351

In the example above, DA relates to the Dance subject, HT states that this course is provided by Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College (HTLC). The following four digits is a numeric reference given to the course within the Course Administration System.

When you see the course code followed by a - and four further characters, this defines a particular event.

For example; DAHT0351-13AA

Event codes consist of two digits and two letters. The first two digits state the calendar year the event falls into. The remaining two characters are system generated, following the sequence  AA, AB, AC etc.

View the stages of an event

The stages in the ‘normal’ life of an event that is moved to CAS are as follows :

Event stages

Event stages

Other stages in the life of an event may be:

Other event stages

Lifecycle of an event
Lifecycle of event
The dashboard

The dashboard is split into three columns. Directory, Pre-event and Post-event.

Dashboard screen


Awaiting Pricing - Courses that require pricing information to be completed

Ready to Publish - Courses which have been submitted for publishing

Courses with high waiting list demand - Courses with a high number of bookings on the waiting list. This is usually 40% of the minimum delegates required to run the course

Waiting lists with no events - Courses which have waiting lists, but no bookable events are available


Awaiting decision - Events where the event status is 'Awaiting decision' and fall within the period stated

Cancellation rates apply - Events where the event status is 'imminent' (usually within the next 14 days)

Postponed - Postponed events which need attention

Provisional delegates - Events that have provisional bookings

Pre-pay not completed - Events where required pre-payment has not been completed

Booking confirmation needed - Events where booking confirmation needs to be sent (run letters)

Post event

Delegate attend status - events that require confirmation that the attendance status of each delegate is correct (awaiting registers)

Evaluation - events that require confirmation that the evaluation data has been received

Invoicing - events that require confirmation that

PN upload prep - events that require confirmation that delegate personnel numbers are completed/skipped where appropriate

Awaiting SAP upload run - events awaiting upload to delegates’ SAP record

You can use the drop down fields at the top of your dashboard to look at events needing attention by other providers or administration staff. You will only be able to access this information if you yourself have admin access for that provider, but this is useful to use if a colleague who administers certain subjects within your team is absent.