Sign for the Solent Garrison

Sign for the Solent Garrison

...Garrison Commanders were based there... the most famous being Brigidier Bernard (Monty) Montgomery...

Portsmouth has been the base for army as well as navy forces over the years. This sign was on the building used as the Solent Garrison Headquarters at Ravelin House until the garrison was dissolved in 1961.

Successive Garrison Commanders were based there with the most famous being Brigadier Bernard (Monty) Montgomery who held the post in 1937.

Ravelin House is set within what is now Ravelin Park and the building is part of Portsmouth University. Ravelin Park occupies the site of fortifications built by Sir Bernard de Gomme between 1665 and 1685.

The area of Old Portsmouth used to be surrounded by defensive fortifications including walls, bastions, a moat and tall triangular constructions known as ravelins. The triangular shape of the ravelin would force a wave of attackers to divide before getting to the city wall.

Quick Facts

  • Accession number 1961/26
  • Sign for the Solent Garrison, Ravelin House, Portsmouth
  • In place until 1961


  • Ravelin House is located just opposite Portsmouth City Museum. The City Museum building had itself previously been used by both army and later by navy forces. It was built in 1897 and called Clarence Barracks.
  • This sign can be see as part of the 'No Place like Pompey' exhibtion at Portsmouth City Museum.

Did you know?

The Portsmouth Grammar School occupies what was known as the Cambridge Barracks.

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