1914 Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Side view of 1914 Royal Enfield motorbike

This particular machine recalls an unhappy occasion.

The production vee-twin engine, with overhead inlet and side exhaust valves, and other machines from the Redditch factory were built under licence from Motosacoche in Switzerland.

This particular machine recalls an unhappy occasion. It was ridden to third place in the 1914 Junior TT, but after crossing the finish line, the rider, P.J. Walker, crashed into barriers across the course and later died from his injuries. It is thought that he suffered concussion when he fell during the last lap.

Quick Facts

  • Maximum speed 60mph/96.56kph
  • Price new Not marketed
  • Date made 1914
  • Made of metal, wood, leather, rubber and glass
  • Maker The Enfield Cycle Co. Ltd
  • Ridden by P.J. Walker


  • The 1914 Royal Enfield Motorcyle was made with an engine capacity of 346cc and two cylinders.
  • This motorcycle was chosen by Caroline Johnson (Motoring Library Officer) as her favourite vehicle on exhibition in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Caroline has been a member of staff at Beaulieu since 1998. Watch the video in the "Gallery" section to see why Caroline chose it as her favourite museum object.


Engine of the Royal Enfield motorbike
Sepia image of soldier riding the 1914 Royal Enfield motorbike
1914 Royal Enfield Motorcycle

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