a??A grand day outa?? at the Lido in Southampton

Lido at Southampton

The Lido operated from the same site for 123 years a?? although much extended and improved during that time.

The Lido was one of Southampton’ s best loved places for a good day out.

The Lido provided a real sea-side feature for Southampton in the heart a major city. It was built in 1854 and by the 1890’s (after a number of refits and expansions) included a large open air pool, a tepid pool, private baths (sometime called slipper baths) and a Turkish bath.

The open air pool was a sea water pool flushed and renewed at each high tide. That makes complete sense in the 19th and early 20th century before reclamation left the pool land-locked.

The Lido was exceptionally popular but was expensive to maintain – that was particularly the case with the concrete floor of the open air pool which sprung a number of leaks. That and a couple of fires in the 1960’s led to the decision to close the Lido complex in 1977.

Quick Facts

  • Lido built in 1854
  • Major rennovation to Lido in 1892
  • Lido closed in 1977
  • Lido located in Southampton


  • Bathers at the Lido could find themselves covered with ash from the nearby power station when the wind blew that way. Sometimes this was so bad the pool had to be closed.
  • These images of the Lido, Southampton are held at the Southampton City Archives.

Did you know?

The open air pool at the Lido was fed by seawater.


Lido aerial view
Aerial view of the Lido

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