Poster for a Summer Excursion to Bournemouth

Excursion to Bournemouth Poster

A special train took them through the New Forest, giving them 9 hours at the seaside.

This is a printed poster advertising the 19th annual Basingstoke British Schools’ summer excursion, which took place on 18th June 1885, to Bournemouth.

The children and Friends of the Schools met on Station Hill in Basingstoke at 7.30am and proceeded to the railway station. A special train took them through the New Forest, giving them 9 hours at the seaside. On their return, the Mechanics’ Institute Band met them at the station and played them into town.

Basingstoke British Schools organised regular summer excursions to places such as Hampton Court, Netley Abbey, and various locations on the Isle of Wight, as well as Bournemouth.

The British Schools system in Basingstoke was based at Sarum Hill. The first school was established just below the present Methodist Church in 1841. It was very unusual in being co-educational. By 1875 this had become overcrowded, and a new infants’ school was opened.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number 8M62/C2/12
  • Made in Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Date made 1885
  • Printed by W E Doman
  • Excursion date 18th June 1885


  • In 1814 the British and Foreign School Society for the Education of the Labouring and Manufacturing Classes of Society of Every Religious Persuasion (otherwise known as the British and Foreign School Society or BFSS) was founded. Children were taught Scripture and Christian principles in a non-denominational form. The schools used the monitorial system, where older children, who had had some education, taught the younger children. It enabled many poor children to have a small amount of education at a limited cost using a limited number of teachers.
  • British Schools were the non-conformist churches’ equivalent to the National Schools run by the Anglican church. The government took over the main responsibility for schools from 1870, with the establishment of School Boards, and the BFSS continued its teacher-training role.

Did you know?

Tickets for children from the school cost 2s 6d, and adults 5s 6d.

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