Coracle Stepboard Picnic Hamper

Coracle stepboard picnic hamper

...specifically designed to fit on a running board of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Picnics were made popular by Queen Victoria, who enjoyed large family picnics both at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight and in Scotland at Balmoral. At first they were a social event at which each guest provided a share of the food.  Later it became an excursion to the country where friends could meet and provisions be shared.

To begin with picnics were the province of wealthy families and were very elaborate, with specially designed hampers containing everything that was necessary to dine outside.

Many of the hampers were specifically designed for motoring, and the ‘Stepboard’ and the ‘Footrest’ type picnic hampers were introduced in 1904.

These were hampers that were designed especially to fit either on the running board, or as footrests in the foot wells of the rear seats of a vehicle.

This picnic hamper was specifically designed to fit on a running board of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The hamper is made from leather with brass edges, it is fitted with a round chrome-plated kettle, Bisto cups, twin sandwich boxes and twin drinks flasks.

Quick Facts

  • Date made 1909
  • Made in England
  • Made of metal, wood, china, leather, and mixed media
  • Dimensions Height 267mm, Length 890mm, Width 270mm
  • Made by Coracle
  • Associated with the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost


This object was chosen by Chrissy Winchcombe (Marketing Manager-Events) as her favourite item on display in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Chrissy has been a member of staff at Beaulieu since 2010. Watch the video to see Chrissy talk about the significance of this object to her.


Daimler advertisement 1907 featuring picnic
Coracle stepboard picnic hamper

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