Taskera??s a??Economica?? steam engine

Taskera??s a??Economica?? steam engine

....regularly a??steameda?? at special events.

This steam traction engine was made by Tasker and Sons Ltd, at the Waterloo Ironworks, Abbotts Ann, Hampshire, in 1905. It is a 7 horsepower, 2 speed, 3 shaft, single cylinder engine.

Tasker and Sons began making portable steam engines in the 1860s, moving on to traction engines as the century progressed. However most of these were custom built and unique which was an expensive and inefficient system of production. The ‘Economic’ class engines introduced in 1891 were the first standardised machines produced by Tasker and Sons although even these were customised on occasion. They were also made with cheaper steel boilers instead of wrought iron boilers.

By 1932, Taskers and Sons had become Taskers of Andover Ltd. Its Managing Director Mr A.B. Fuller, built up a collection of Tasker engines and an archive of photographs, drawings and documents to illustrate the history of the firm which was founded in Abbotts Ann in 1813. This collection came into the stewardship of Hampshire County Council Museums Service in 1972.

One of the engines in the collection was this 1905 ‘Economic’ which needed significant conservation work to make it function again.


Quick Facts

  • Date made 1905
  • Made by Tasker & Sons Ltd
  • Made at Waterloo Ironworks, Abbotts Ann, near Andover
  • Made of metal, iron and steel
  • Accession Number HMCMS:HCMS1972.669.6


  • Taskers was founded in Abbotts Ann in 1813.
  • Taskers made their very last steam engine in 1926. However they continued manufacturing vehicles and agricultural implements of various kinds up until 1983, when 170 years of business at Waterloo Ironworks came to an end.
  • In 19th and early 20th century Britain, traction engines were used to power farm machinery, by means of a continuous leather belt driven by the flywheel, and to draw heavy loads. They revolutionised both agriculture and road haulage at a time when the main alternative was the draught horse.


Did you know?

Tasker's 'Economic' steam engine is on display at ‘Milestones’ in Basingstoke and is regularly ‘steamed’ at special events.

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