Ermine collar and muff

Ermine Collar & Muff

fashionable females were encouraged to keep up-to-date with the latest trends

For as long as there have been motorcars there has been the need to create practical and fashionable motoring clothing and accessories. Without windscreens and heating, a drive in an early car could be cold and wet.

Passengers and drivers wore goggles, hats, coats, aprons and gloves made of leather to protect themselves against the wet weather. Whilst light weight dust coats, made from materials such as linen, were worn on dry warm days.

This ermine collar and muff belonged to and were worn by Miss Louie Butler a relative of Mr Edward Butler. The items now belong to Mrs Margaret Butler, a great niece of Louie Butler and are typical of those worn by fashionable motoring ladies during the Edwardian period.

Women’s motoring clothing changed as often as other clothing fashions, and fashionable females were encouraged to keep up-to-date with the latest trends by reading articles such as ‘Modes for Motorists’ by Madame La Pip-Pip, published in the early 1900s in the ‘Motoring Illustrated’ journal.

Quick Facts

  • Date made about 1910
  • Period Edwardian
  • Maker Handmade (possibly by family member or servant)
  • Made of fur, satin and silk
  • Worn by Miss Louie Butler
  • Dimensions collar: Width 350mm, Height 250mm, muff: Width 225mm Height 190mm


  • In January 1903, Madame La Pip-Pip counselled strongly against wearing the most up-to-date ‘auto-costume’ of black satin wool-lined knickerbockers and fur leggings. She believed that the trousers style garment did not suit any woman and that the ‘fad’ would not catch on. Her preference however was for three-quarter length pony -skin travel coats trimmed with dark wallaby, and Russian blouses made of silver chinchilla.
  • These objects were chosen by Tammy Cutler (Personnel Manager) as her favourite objects on display in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Tammy has been a member of staff at Beaulieu since 2010. Watch the video in the "Gallery" section to see Tammy talk about why she chose these items.


Black and white image of family with a young girl wearing an ermine collar and muff
Motoring Illustrated 1903 page 217
Ermine collar and muff

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