Winchester High Street looking east, about 1903

Winchester High Street

a?|.Lennards Ltda?|. include in their imaginative advertising a boot on a horse-drawn wagon.

In this photograph taken by W T Green the two little girls standing in the foreground catch the eye, but there is a great deal going on behind them. A smartly dressed coachman awaits his employer, a man peers into a shop window, a policeman stands at the junction with St Thomas’ Street and a lady wheels her bicycle up the street. At 99 High Street Lennards Ltd (boot and shoe makers) include in their imaginative advertising a boot on a horse-drawn wagon.

Further down the street premises are occupied by a music shop, a bank, a bookseller and dressmakers and outfitters. The clock extending from the old Guildhall, the slender lines of the Butter Cross and the west side of City Cross Refreshments marking the beginning of the Pentice are all familiar landmarks. 

W T Green’s identity puzzled Museums curators here for many years and it was only in 2010 that co-operation between the archivists of Winchester College and the City of Winchester Trust brought to light his real name – Walter Thomas Greenland. It appears that he chose to use the name W T Green for his photographic work.

A selection of other photographs by W T Green can be viewed in the “Gallery” section.

Quick Facts

  • Photographer Walter Thomas Greenland (W T Green) (1851-1921)
  •  Medium Photographic print on paper
  •  Accession number WINCM:PWCM 5411
  •  Photograph taken about 1903
  •  Dimensions Height 15cm (6in), Width 10cm (4in)


  • Although theoretically an amateur photographer – his occupation is recorded as ‘tutor’ in Census returns – W T Green had a very good eye for composition. One of the most attractive characteristics of his work is the way many of his street scenes include people going about their business, giving a lively and realistic impression of everyday life which contrasts with the more formal images of some other photographers at this time.

Did you know?

W T Green supplied many photographs to Warren and Son for use in the popular “Winchester Illustrated” which was published in 1903 and again in 1905.


North Walls, Winchester

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