Jane Austen's 'Marriage Records'

Register of marriages and banns, Steventon parish

Jane Austen... filled in one of them to show fictitious marriages for herself.

This page is from one of the parish registers for Steventon, a small village which lies a few miles south-west of Basingstoke in Hampshire. The register of marriages and banns covers the dates 1755 to 1812.

At the front of the volume there are specimen entries to show clergymen how to complete marriage records. Jane Austen, herself born in Steventon in December 1775, filled in one of them to show fictitious marriages for herself.

Jane Austen's father was rector of Steventon from 1765 until 1801, and so would have kept the registers with details of baptisms, marriages and burials in the parish.

Jane Austen never did marry, dying in Winchester on the 18th July 1817 aged only 41 years old.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number 71M82/PR3
  • Parish Register for Steventon, Hampshire
  • Register dates 1755 to 1812
  • Register entry by Jane Austen


  • Jane Austen named her fictitious husbands Edmund Arthur William Mortimer and Jack Smith. She also filled in a fictitious entry for banns of marriage between herself and Henry Frederic Howard Fitzwilliam.
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    “World famous people’s Hampshire connections and touching insight into Jane’s character.”
    “To see something in Jane Austen’s own minute handwriting is wonderful!”
    “I’d never heard of its existence – really poignant.”


Did you know?

Jane Austen is buried in Winchester Cathedral. The nearby City Museum in Winchester contains a small collection of Jane Austen memorabilia, including a small handwritten poem entitled 'I've a pain in my head', written around 1811.

Fact Sheets

Catalogue record for 7M87/11/5 Jane Austen's 'marriage record'

You can find out more about Jane Austen’s local connections 

Jane Austen's house at Chawton, Hampshire is where she spent the last eight years of her life.  A 17th century house, it tells the story of Jane Austen and her family.

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Follow the Jane Austen Trail around Winchester and Hampshire

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