Pedigree of the Philpot family

Pedigree of the Philpot family

...decorated with fine paintings of figures, family crests and arms...

This family tree, or pedigree, of the Philpot family is entitled 'Stemmata et propagationes clarae et antiquae familiae de Philipot' and is dedicated to John Philipot of Compton, Hampshire.

The title of the pedigree is in Latin, which translated means 'Ancestors and descendants of the renowned and ancient Philpot family'.

The pedigree, decorated with fine paintings of figures, family crests and arms, appears to have been drawn up by John Philipot, Rouge Dragon (of the College of Arms), in 1620.

The Philpot or Philipot family were Lords of the Manor of Compton, near Winchester, from some time in the 15th century until 1640. The family included Sir John Philpot, Lord Mayor of London in 1378, and several Sherrifs of Hampshire in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number 93M86W/1
  • Drawn up at The College of Arms, London
  • Philpot family lived at The Manor of Compton, Hampshire
  • Drawn up by John Philipot, Rouge Dragon (of the College of Arms)
  • Date made 1620


  • This item is part of a collection of Paulet family papers which include pedigrees and family histories, letters patent and official commissions, and maps and plans, dating from the 16th to the 20th century.

    The Paulet family of Basing House were Marquesses of Winchester. After Basing House was burnt down during the English Civil Wars, in 1645, and after the 5th Marquess’ death in 1674, they centred on Hackwood House, Basingstoke. This remained the home of the family after they became Dukes of Bolton.
  • The volunteers at the Hampshire Archives and Local Studies and other members of the public suggested this item because:
    “It’s beautiful, it’s interesting and it’s local.”
    “The size.”
    “This elaborate pedigree was made in about 1620. I like the fine paintings. It is very interesting.”
    “It is amazing to see how a family is made.”

Did you know?

Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is a junior officer of arms of the College of Arms, named after the red dragon of Wales.


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Catalogue record 93M86W/1 for Pedigree of the Philpot Family

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