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Hampshire IT Account Managers

Hampshire IT views effective account management as an essential part of delivering high quality IT services to schools, helping us to shape the services we offer and ensure they remain fit for purpose.

What is account management?

Account management is about maintaining strong relationships between schools and the department. It enables us to:

  • review our service performance to individual schools

  • update them on key developments

  • receive feedback and find out about local IT requirements to better inform our service development and delivery

What can schools expect?

Each school has a named account manager who will oversee annual service renewals and billing and assist schools in identifying IT needs and possible solutions.

Regular contact is built into the service, with the type of contact schools can expect to receive set up below:

School Type


Hosted School Service (HSS) school

Two visits a year plus monthly telephone check

Non-HSS primary school

Termly telephone check plus visits by exception

Non HSS secondary school  One visit a year plus termly telephone check

One visit a year plus termly telephone check

Non HSS special school  

One visit a year

We will also provide at least one yearly update to each Primary District Headteachers' meeting.

Account management and the Schools IT Service Desk

Account management does not replace standard IT reporting processes. Schools should continue to log their support and other queries with the IT Service Desk as usual to ensure all calls are logged and trackable. However, if you do not receive the service you expect, please speak to your account manager.


Contact us

For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.