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HPSN2 frequently asked questions

What bandwidth do secondary schools get?

Secondary schools will benefit from a new 100 Mbps connection.

What bandwidth do primary schools get?

With a few exceptions, all schools are automatically getting double their current bandwidth.

  • Primary schools on 2Mb with SWAN will double to 4Mb with HPSN2
  • Primary schools on 4Mb with SWAN will double to 8Mb with HPSN2

Is 8Mb enough for primary schools?

Currently we believe that the answer is yes, but as more web or cloud-based applications become available, schools may want to increase their bandwidth. HPSN2 is a twenty-first century network and schools can request a bandwidth increase at any time.

If we share our SWAN connection with another school, will both schools move to HPSN2 at the same time?

Yes, this is the agreed approach.

Will we be charged for the digging work?

There is no charge to schools for any installation work associated with the migration from SWAN to HPSN2.

Will the playground have to be dug up?

If your school is an on-net school Virgin Media Business will have to lay a new duct for the HPSN2 fibre. The Virgin Media Business planner will in all cases work with the school to agree a route. We will always try to avoid disruptive routes where possible, but it may be that for a small number of schools the route may have to go across an area of playground or car park etc. In those cases the work is scheduled to cause minimum disruption to the school.

If digging is required, what is the quality of reinstatement (make good) of any surface?

The quality of making good to hard paved areas will be in compliance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Soft landscaped areas will be reinstated to the condition it was found before installation. Generally the installers will strip turf along the extent of the trench and keep it to one side for reinstatement, watering as necessary. Sports pitches are to be avoided for cable runs. Where the condition of the grass sward is poor, they will reinstate with turf or seed selected for the specific soil and site conditions. They will prepare the ground and ameliorate it as recommended by the turf/seed supplier, and allow for ground settlement following backfilling and watering to ensure the grass gets established. All trench and ducting work is supported by a 12 month warranty period.

How much negotiation is there on the route?

Virgin Media Business will adopt a consultative approach when considering construction routes for the delivery of ethernet connections into schools. Where possible we will consider the aesthetics of the surrounding areas and will take all reasonable endeavours to agree a duct route that minimises disruption to the day-to-day school activities and keeps scarring and spoil to a minimum.

Will all contractors be CRB checked?

Yes, all contractors will be CRB checked. Spot checks will be carried out.

If we are currently a shared site, will we get our own line?

The arrangements for shared lines stay the same. But as before, if you do share a line your bandwidth is 'protected'. That means if you are paying for 8Mbps you get 8Mbps. The school sharing the line cannot access any of that bandwidth - it’s exclusively yours.

If we are currently a shared site, what happens if the other site doesn’t go for HPSN2?

That may cause us to have to do a little bit of extra work, but that will be part of the project and the school on HPSN2 will be unaffected and will see no change to the service or get any extra costs.

If we are a federated school how will we be charged?

Non-federated schools pay a lump sum plus a cost per pupil.

But for federated schools the lump sum is divided up between the schools in the federation.

Flexible Web Filtering

  • Is the cost of Flexible Web Filtering included?

    Yes, the costs of filtering are covered by the HPSN2 annual charges. If there is training required for the use of the flexible element that may be charged.

  • Is filtering down to the teacher or local management?

    Schools that want to manage their own web content filtering will be given access to a delegated administration front end that will give them control over which categories and individual websites are allowed or blocked. Please note, illegal and unacceptable sites (as defined by Becta and IWF) will be blocked centrally.

    Flexible Web Filtering is available now.


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