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PaperCut print management software allows you to manage printer costs by setting printing quotas for staff and pupils, and by generating reports on printer usage and environmental impact.

There’s no additional charge for PaperCut for HSS schools. All schools are now offered PaperCut as part of their HSS installation. Other HSS schools can request it via the IT Help Desk.

PaperCut features

Print quotas

Limits can be imposed to restrict users to a reasonable allowance. For example, staff or students may be allocated a budget of £5 per week and once this allocation has been used, they cannot print until they are given further credit.

Quotas can be allocated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or on custom dates (such as the start of a term).

Print policy rules

Mistakes (such as printing a 100 page document instead of the one interesting page) can be stopped, double-sided printing can be enforced and large jobs can be routed to the most cost-effective device.

Alerts can also be sent to administrators to inform them of printing problems, such as when a printer’s toner level is low, or when a printer has a paper jam that the user was unable to clear.

Track printing

PaperCut’s core purpose is to track all printing in a network environment. It keeps detailed print logs for all user printing activity. This logging helps to understand printing at the level of user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

The client tool can be used to display the user’s printing credit in real-time; notify users when their printing is denied and explain why; and notify users when their balance is low.

The environmental impact of a user's printing can be expressed as three statistics: the number of trees that were expended to make the paper; the CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gases released during the paper production; and the energy used by the manufacturing process when producing the paper.


Fifty common types of report are available. Ad hoc reports can be created, and regular reports can be scheduled and emailed automatically.

For more details see the PaperCut website (not all features will necessarily be available in your school).

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