Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Making a start

Logging into the system

In Internet Explorer, browse to your website on any page, hold down the Alt key and press L. Release the Alt key and press Enter. In Firefox and Google Chrome hold down the Alt and Shift keys and press L.

For other browsers alternative Access Keys may be required.


WPS logon screen

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the username and password that you have been given and click on the Login button.

You will see the admin panel at the top of the page which tells you which userid you are logged in with

Hosted School Service Users

Please note that all HSS users will need to access their SWS site as follows:

  • Go to the Start Menu and select School Website Service.

  • This will open an internet browser and take you to the Hantsweb homepage where you can browse to your school's website to login as above.


Using the Admin Panel

Whenever you are logged in you will see the admin panel at the top of the page.

SWS admin panel

The admin panel tells you which userid you are logged in with, and gives you buttons to perform various options.

  • The buttons will change depending where in the site you are and what editing permissions you have.

  • There are two levels of access: author and editor. Editors can change site settings and can make pages live. Authors need to have their work approved by an editor before it can go live


Load the Text Wizard to change text on a page

Whilst logged in, browse to the page you want to change using the site navigation.

The site navigation shows more levels when you are logged in to allow you to more easily see pages below the first two levels.

Popup window showing wizard is runningText Wizard icon

Click on the icon just below the admin panel

First a small browser window will appear: do not close this window while you are using the text wizard.

You may then see this warning message:

Click ‘Yes’

If the text wizard doesn't load after a few seconds:

  • log out and log back in again

  • close and re-open the browser.

If you get an error message about the Java applet not loading please follow these instructions

Whatever changes you make you must click the ‘Save’ button to save your changes.  

Then you can close the Text Wizard window by clicking on the X in the top right corner.


Adding and Editing Text

Once the Text Wizard has loaded it should display in a seperate window and allow you to add and modify the page content. You can also copy and paste text into the Text Wizard from other sources such as Word documents or web pages.

Text Wizard

Please refer to the later chapters with regards to images, tables and links

Styles Toolbar and Text Formatting

The styles dropdown list (next to the Save icon) can be selected to display various content styles when the appropriate text is highlighted.

The 'Normal' style can be used for standard text.  If the text has 'No Style' attached to it,then the spaces and some formatting may not appear. This is likely to occur if text is pasted into the Text Wizard from another source. Therefore it is advised that an appropriate style is applied to the text.

There are four different styles of heading: H1, H2, H3 and H4, with H1 being the largest font and H4 being the smallest font.

Headings have a proper use - they should be used in size order to provide proper structure to your page. They also assist visually-impaired users who use screen readers, to get an overview of the structure of a page by having the <H1>s and <H2/H3/H4>s read aloud.

Icons are also availlable to apply bold or italic text, bulleted or numbered lists, as well as a Spelling Checker.

By default, a line space will be placed between each line break on 'Normal' text. If you wish to remove a line space press the 'Shift' and 'Enter' keys to create a new line and you should see a red box (as below) The text should then display without a line break on the web page.

Line Spaces


Logging out when you have finished working

When you have finished amending your site you should log out of the system by clicking the ‘Logout’ button in the Admin panel.

Logging out of the Admin Panel

If you don’t use the system for 30 minutes you will need to log in again to continue working.

The system logs you out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.