Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Governor Login Area


The Governors Login Area is part of the website that allows those with Governor permissions to view content which can be hidden and protected from others.

Viewing and logging into the Governor area

When attempting to access Governor Login pages, users will be prompted to enter their Governors ID (shown below) in order to view the content:

Governor Login

How to setup pages

You should be able to find the Governors Login page within edit mode navigation under the 'Governors' page

The login page is set to 'at work' by default, so it needs to be 'active' when you are ready to publish this page.

When creating new pages, you will need to make them child pages of the ‘Governors Login Area’ page to ensure that they are protected when users attempt to view them..

Governor Login

Adding and editing content on pages

Governors will be able to view the content on the website once it has been published. If they wish to add content to these pages then the relevant username and password must be obtained from the school and the normal procedures for editing the website (contained in this user guide) will apply.

What if I can't access or don’t have a Governors Login Area page setup ?

This may be because your site has been created in an old template which does not include the features of a Governor Login area

To request an update for this please contact the IT Helpdesk