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SWS Quiz


You can make a multiple-choice quiz, with supplementary information and a summary screen, by following the instructions contained in this section.

Sample quiz


Before you begin

Write out the questions and the multiple-choice answers that you want to include. The number of choices can vary for each question, but only one can be the right answer!

Gather together the text and content that you want to appear at the start of the quiz, on each answer, and also at the end: this way you will have all the materials you need to get the quiz working first time.

Take a look at the completed quiz at, and go from start to finish to get an idea of how the finished quiz will look.


To create your quiz:

  • Create a basic table:

  • set the number of rows and columns: the table must have 3 columns and as many rows as the number of questions in your quiz + 2 (for the quiz introduction and the quiz summary text);

  • choose Quiz as your table style.

Quiz table style


Insert your questions and answers:

  • In the first column of the first row of your quiz table enter your introductory text, say: “Ready to start?”;

  • in all subsequent rows except the last one write your question in the first column, your options in the second one and the answer key in the third one — the question and answer key texts can be formatted as you like, but the options must be formatted in the following way: each wrong answer must be enclosed within a Quiz: Wrong Answer text style and the correct answer be formatted as Quiz: Right Answer:
    Quiz table options
    make sure no other formatting is applied to your options
    (Light bulbTip: write all your options first separated by carriage returns, then highlight them all and choose NoStyle from the style dropdown: now you can be sure no formatting is present, and can start applying the Right Answer and Wrong Answer styles);

  • in the first column of the final row enter your summary text, e.g. an explanation of the score.