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IT Hardware Maintenance Agreement

Hampshire IT provides a maintenance service for your IT equipment. An annual charge covers all repairs to hardware caused by defects in the equipment.

This page explains how to view your annual bill and other details of your existing contract.

How to login  |  Viewing details of your annual bill  |  Viewing details of your contracts


You must be logged on to HWI to access the Contracts and Assets system.

How to login

Contracts screenshot
  • Click the button marked Launch the Contracts and Assets system - you will be taken to the Contracts and Assets welcome page.

Welcome to Contracts screenshot

Viewing details of your annual bill

  • From the welcome page, select 4. Customer Menu.
  • select the option 4. View My Bills - you will be taken to the Reports page.
Customer menu screenshot
  • From the Reports page select 'Report 4 - Annual Invoice' from the drop down list.

Reports screenshot

  • Select the period you wish to view next to Financial Year.
  • Check it is showing the correct school name.
  • Click the Run Report button on the bottom right hand side.
  • This report can then be exported to other media using the Select a format option at the top of the screen, and selecting Export.
Reports screenshot
  • You can now view the details in your own file, choosing open or save, and be able to print the details as you would any other file.

Reports file download screenshot

Saving as an Excel spreadsheet will give you two tabs:

  • document map which will take you straight to the line in the spreadsheet tab for whichever item you choose - just click on the text for that item
  • the actual spreadsheet tab or sheet1, which provide all the asset/contract details that make up your bill.

Viewing details of your contracts

  • From the Customer Menu screen select 2. View My Contracts - you will be taken to the Search page.

Search contracts screenshot

  • To search for all current contracts, select Full contract from the drop down list.
  • Click the Search button at the bottom of the screen.
Search results screenshot
  • To export the results to view in Excel, click the Export Search Results button.
  • You can now save the results for archiving or printing as you would any Excel file.
Search results download screenshot


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For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.