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Hampshire IT Schools SLA

The current Hampshire IT service level agreement (SLA) for schools builds on the principles of earlier EdICT SLAs. It lasts for three years although schools are able to adjust their requirements annually. The new SLA continues our move towards centrally managed IT solutions such as Centrally Hosted SIMS and Virus Protection. It is also flexible enough to incorporate new services - such as the Hosted School Service - as they are implemented.

The SLA defines the services available from Hampshire IT and is designed to give schools maximum choice and flexibility while also recognising the economies that can be achieved by offering standard solutions. It also describes how to access these services and the performance targets, which Hampshire IT aims to deliver.

Hampshire IT is part of the larger IT department in Hampshire County Council, and aims to be the IT partner of choice for all customers including schools, academies and the Children’s Services Department. We do this by:

  • Promoting the effective use of management information systems to support a range of critical school tasks including the provision and analysis of pupil and staff data with particular emphasis on statutory returns.
  • Working with the Children’s Service Department to supply solutions that support the effective delivery of the Hampshire Children and Young People’s Plan, especially in tracking the attendance and achievement of Hampshire Looked After Children.
  • Providing remote learning opportunities (such as Hampshire Wizkid) to enable improved access and support to learning for all.
  • Supporting schools in the use and adoption of innovative solutions.
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership of IT through the support, development and implementation of common IT standards, especially through the development of managed services. We have good evidence to support the importance of standards in reducing overall support costs.
  • Working with the PICATS and SICATS headteacher groups to agree an IT development programme for the benefit all of schools.

Advantages of the Hampshire IT SLA

All this is available from the SLA, depending on the specific options selected.

  • Unlimited help and advice requests to the IT Service Desk.
  • Full SIMS and virus protection software licences.
  • High quality SIMS support services from a Capita SIMS accredited organisation.
  • High quality technical support services.
  • Full remote support and onsite visits as appropriate with no extra charges.
  • Automated virus protection updates for those schools connected to HPSN2 / SWAN.
  • Full testing of all SIMS software upgrades.
  • Full user instructions for all SIMS and upgrades and other key activities such as key stage returns, year end processes, etc.
  • Free use of additional Hampshire SIMS reports and templates (eg Key Stage Trackers, etc).
  • Free attendance to SIMS Update Seminars and similar events.
  • Free ICT consultancy advice by telephone or visit as appropriate.
  • Free termly Hampshire IT Schools newsletter sent to your school.
  • Temporary loan server for extreme circumstances not covered by normal hardware maintenance arrangements (eg fire, theft, vandalism etc).
  • Access to a range of additional pay-as-you-use services such as Remote Working, Remote Backup, IT Health Checks, and Video Conferencing.

Schools can view the SLA on our Hantsnet pages.

Contact us

For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.