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The future of the Hampshire Wizkid VLE

The existing Hampshire County Council contract to run the Studywiz (Wizkid) VLE in Hampshire schools expires in August 2013 with no further option to extend. Furthermore, Hampshire IT cannot engage in any subsequent VLE aggregated spend on behalf of Hampshire schools without breaching European procurement law.

We have, therefore, been discussing options for those Hampshire schools that wish to continue using Studywiz (Wizkid) beyond August 2013.

Those Hampshire schools that wish to continue using Studywiz (Wizkid) can contract directly with the VLE supplier, Studywiz, at preferential rates. As the individual school charges are relatively modest then there would be no requirement for individual schools to go through a formal procurement process.

This revised service will provide subscribing Hampshire schools with ongoing access to the Studywiz VLE, data hosting, software upgrades and support. Studywiz are aiming to have two contract options – for 12 months and 3 years respectively – with the longer contract attracting a discount of around 10%. Studywiz has also agreed to maintain charges at a similar level to the existing Hampshire IT service although there will be a small increase in the annual per pupil charge to reflect the slightly higher running and administration costs.

Overall this represents an excellent deal for Hampshire schools and is significantly lower than what schools would pay if they made separate alternative arrangements.


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