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External suppliers - schools be aware!

A message from the Corporate Procurement & County Supplies team at Hampshire County Council.

There are a number of ICT dealers that are approaching schools and giving the impression they are approved Hampshire contractors. Beware... this is not always the case. In some cases they are looking to join school meetings to make a sales presentation to staff.

ICT buying for schools

To save school budgets and to protect users against unsound contracts, Hampshire’s professional procurement team has created a comprehensive ICT framework contract with suppliers who have been assessed for economic, ethical and competent service and support.

Here is the big picture of what is available:

Product categories

  • Nine categories, including desktop computers, servers, networks, components and special needs. Over 15 approved and recommended suppliers, each one offering compatible equipment and specialist support.

Services categories

  • 11 categories, including desktop support, network solutions, server solutions, SAP solutions and equipment disposal. Over 20 approved and recommended suppliers, each one offering compatible services and specialist support.

What to do

To see the categories and suppliers in detail please check the IT Related Products and Associated Services user guide Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 2mb.

Schools can choose to use the consultancy service provided by Hampshire IT which will eliminate the need to consider the framework, standing orders and procurement best practice. As an internal Hampshire County Council supplier, we are fully approved and offer advice, propose a solution, order the hardware on your behalf using the framework contracts already in place and project manage the hardware installation.

If schools are approached by any company other than those in the user guide then please do not hesitate to contact the Corporate Procurement & County Supplies team for clarification.

As part of the public sector, obviously schools must conform to Contract Standing Orders and EU Procurement Regulations.

However, no specific action has to be taken by schools when they use the Hampshire County Council contracts as these obligations are automatically observed.

What to avoid

If school staff sign a contract with any dealer other than those listed above they will not be covered and protected under the Hampshire County Council contract.

If your school does decide to purchase from a non-County contract please be aware of the following pitfalls:

  • Be sure that the ‘offer’ being made is Best Value - if it undercuts the Hampshire County Council contractor’s pricing, make sure that you understand the full implications of the order you are signing.
  • It may also be the case that dealers do not offer sufficient insurance cover as required by Hampshire County Council.
  • Machine delivery, collection and training can be chargeable.
  • Second-hand or reconditioned machines may be offered instead of new.

Practical buying support

Contracts that have been drafted, tendered and awarded for use by Hampshire’s schools are prepared by the professional procurement staff of the County Council’s Corporate Procurement & County Supplies team.

If you have any queries regarding procurement, please contact John Mundy: john.mundy@hants.gov.uk or 01962 826925


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