Hampshire IT

About us

Hampshire IT is one of the largest local authority IT departments in the UK. In addition to providing technology solutions to Hampshire County Council, we support a wide mix of partner organisations, such as district, borough and unitary councils, more than 500 schools, several other county councils, Fire, Police and Health bodies, charities, and more than 1400 small community organisation. Size is not important – all partnerships are important and bring benefits to the public service.

We operate on a not-for-profit basis, and our preference is to work in public-to-public partnerships where we can identify and share costs, benefits and savings. It’s about what we do with the IT, not ‘selling IT services’. Over the last 20 years we have established a national and international reputation for delivering innovative, high quality, cost-efficient and award-winning IT for the public sector.

Our success depends on the talent and commitment of our 400-strong team. We strongly support apprenticeships and career development of our professional teams, and we cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers and our partners. We offer a mix of public and private cloud services defined by the needs of the public sector – secure, flexible and low cost – run on premise and in-house.

Our business practices can be summed up as

  • Transparent and open - about problems, costs, priorities and successes

  • Harnessing the strengths of the public and private sector alike

  • Business-like, but without compromising our public sector ethos

  • Honest about risk and opportunities with IT

  • Co-operating fully with partners

  • 'Do with' not 'do to' in how we deploy technology solutions