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Digital Hampshire Strategy

Read the full Digital Hampshire Strategy  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 16MB

The Digital Hampshire strategy aims to help everyone in Hampshire enjoy the benefits of the digital age. Better access to information and services online can reduce costs, boost the economy and put citizens in control. To achieve all this we need a robust digital infrastructure in Hampshire, with faster broadband, smarter services and more widespread access.

Many transactions are now only available electronically, putting those who don’t have access at a disadvantage. There are many reasons for 'digital exclusion', including poor broadband and mobile services in rural areas. This exclusion has a negative impact on the economy and pace of public service modernisation.

We want to design and deliver our services to ensure that everyone can access them, to overcome the barriers to a digital infrastructure in Hampshire. We also want to encourage business and public service partners to adopt common principles in their own planning for the move to digital. We all share the same goals and the same challenges, and by working together we can achieve those goals all the sooner.

Five Principles


    Helping everyone join in

    Designing accessible digital services and improving broadband access to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of those services


    Supporting business growth

    Working together to maximise the opportunities of digital services in Hampshire for businesses large and small, and so encouraging inward investment and lower carbon footprint


    Customer in control

    Ensuring in the way information and services are made available that the customer is always in control, maximising transparency and self-service where possible


    Digital by default

    Accelerating the move to a ‘digital only’ delivery where possible, reflecting the needs of different groups and allowing for choice while balancing efficiency with service quality


    Public services together

    Ensuring the public services work together to share insight, technology and services, making services more efficient for the taxpayer and more joined up for the service user