Hampshire IT

IT Feedback, Suggestions, Compliments and Complaints

Hampshire IT maintains a process of continual service improvement. We aim to be helpful and efficient and we consistently measure and review improvements to services and react appropriately to all feedback. We send regular IT surveys to users to gauge satisfaction with our services.

Compliments, Feedback and Suggestions

Please use our Feedback Form.


Whilst IT expects to deliver high quality service all the time, we know that we sometimes get things wrong; our services or IT procedures do not meet expectations; and technology does not always operate as planned.

How to Complain

  • The first thing we ask you to do is raise the matter with the team concerned. Please give them the opportunity to put things right and ensure that you’ve logged any technical issues with the Help Desk.

  • If this does not solve the issue to your satisfaction, we ask you to raise the matter with your IT Business Partner.

  • If all else fails, then please make a formal complaint, using the Complaint Form or directly with your IT Business Partner. All complaints are reviewed by the IT Management Group and the Head of IT.

What happens and how long will it take?

We will contact you within three working days to discuss the issue with you to be sure we understand fully the nature of the problem. You will receive a response (usually written) setting out the action we will take to rectify the situation as appropriate. We aim to address and resolve complaints within 20 working days.

Putting things right

If we get something wrong, we will do our best to remedy the situation. We will review our policy and procedures to learn from our mistakes and prevent a recurrence.

If you are not happy with the outcome

If you are unhappy with the way that we dealt with your complaint or feel you were treated unfairly, you can use the corporate complaints procedure to register your dissatisfaction.