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Our partners

Hampshire IT develops, delivers and manages technology solutions to Hampshire County Council and partners, for our schools and our departments, to deliver robust and secure technology solutions to support current and future needs which drive business transformation, efficiency and improved services for the public.

As in-house IT supplier, we are committed to meeting current and future service needs (including partner shared services) and enabling transformation though technology.

Dorset County Council

Several years ago Hampshire and Dorset County Councils agreed to investigate the potential benefits of IT collaboration.  Since then, work has been undertaken to develop joint arrangements for IT delivery.  The main aims were:  

  • To reduce IT costs to both organisations.

  • To maintain IT capacity which would otherwise be subject to cuts.

  • To reduce risks, for example on major system changes.

  • To create opportunities for wider shared services enabled by IT.

A joint Governance Board has been put in place and a reciprocal IT disaster recovery/business continuity arrangement has been put in place. Plans to the amalgamation of SAP configuration and technical support are now underway and the potential to share IT management, data centres and a number of programmes are being considered, including public IT access in libraries and hosted schools services.


The Hampshire Public Service Network (HPSN2)

Much has been written about the HPSN2 as a lead in the national PSN programme.  It  is in its 15th year and its second generation, operating on a truly co-operative basis, with the County Council only facilitating certain core elements and contractual administration.

All the boroughs, unitary, district  councils are partners, along with the Isle of Wight and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Discussions are underway with Health and Police and the third sector. Each public service partner has a direct relationship with the service provider (currently Virgin Media Business).

The overall package of services extends beyond consolidating and delivering networks into web filtering and  unified communications.


Havant Public Service Plaza

Working together, the County Council and Havant Borough have created a ‘virtual unitary council’ by moving services and facilities into a newly refurbished service centre and office complex in Havant called The Plaza.

This is underpinned by a single and shared IT infrastructure delivering mobile and flexible working. Following appointment of a single Chief Executive for Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council and joint management team, a single IT structure is now being implemented to support all three authorities on the same shared basis.

The ambitions of the partnership are not only to reduce IT costs and to increase IT flexibility, but to drive innovation in the use of IT in ways which would be more difficult in a create a traditional outsourcing arrangement. It is also hoped to share the business mode and technical services with others in a similar position for the benefit of those people who live and work in the area.


Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service (HFRS) and Hampshire Constabulary

The County Council has supported shared IT with HFRS for many years. There is now agreement between the Hampshire Constabulary, HFRS and HCC to implement an agreed business case to integrate corporate services on a shared for all three organisations – HR, IT, Finance, Procurement and Occupational Health. IT will be central to this both as a service to be shared and as an enabler of other shared services.


Hosted School Service

Believed to be the first of its kind nationally, Hampshire IT has been working in partnership with schools and colleges to develop a single integrated hosted service for curriculum and administrative functions.  

This has now been delivered to over 25 schools and the order book for 2012 is full.  Technologically, this provides a range of ‘Cloud’ services and flexible identity management for pupils, as well as removing much of the IT administrative burden, risk and overhead previously existing within schools. Over 98% of all Hampshire Schools have bought back in the HPSN2 and over the next few years the Hosted School Service total programme may reach £100m in value.