Hampshire IT

About us

Hampshire IT develops, delivers and manages technology solutions which drive business transformation, improve efficiency and make services better.

In short, we want to be the first people you turn to when you need technology.

Clere School

We make life easier for schools by

  • helping them get the best out of their management information systems
  • in doing so we support vital school tasks, such as the provision and analysis of pupil and staff data, with particular emphasis on statutory returns
  • providing remote access to enable learning opportunities and support learning for all
  • supporting schools in the use and adoption of innovative solutions
  • reducing the total cost of ownership of IT through the development and support of common IT standards, especially through the development of managed services
  • working with colleagues across Hampshire County Council to support the effective delivery of the Hampshire Children and Young People’s Plan, especially in tracking the attendance and achievement of Hampshire's Looked After Children
  • representing the interests of schools in strategic, corporate and national matters.

Schools guide our decisions and the development of future services by contributing to the SICATS / PICATS groups.


Our services make IT easier and more affordable for schools, helping them keep pace with technological advances and spend less time supporting IT and more time teaching.