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Our services are designed to make IT easier and more affordable for schools, helping them keep pace with technological advances and spend less time supporting IT and more time teaching.

The Westgate School

For orders or queries contact the IT Service Desk.

You can also complete an online form or place orders using SAP.
If you prefer, our consultants are happy to discuss your needs in greater depth, and can give advice on all aspects of your school's IT.

See our service catalogue (Hantsnet page).

HPSN2 network

Much more than just an internet connection, HPSN2 is a high quality and resilient fibre-optic network which connects Hampshire schools and education centres no matter what their location, urban or rural.


Hosted Schools Service (HSS)

HSS – the service of choice for schools seeking top quality data security, remote access, hardware and software maintenance



The Schools Information Management System (SIMS) is an integrated management information system which is by used by nearly 100% of Hampshire schools. It is produced by Capita Children's Services and supplied and supported by Hampshire IT.


eLearn eTeach

eLearn eTeach - meeting your school’s SIMS and computing training needs


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For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.