Hampshire IT

Consultancy service

Our consultancy service gives schools advice and guidance on all your IT needs. From printers to whole school networks our consultants are on hand to help you and your school make the right decisions. There are three types of service:

1. Business as usual

We can provide advice on:

  • laptops, workstations and hardware upgrades
  • printers and switches
  • accessories including laptop trolleys
  • licences
  • MSI files (Microsoft Windows Installers)

Our telephone advice is free of charge. If you then go on to use our order and handling service, a small charge will be added to your order.

2. Network consultancy

Our senior consultants will visit your school and advise on upgrades, networks and servers.

The initial consultancy visit to the school is free of charge. We only charge you if you decide to use our services and place an order through Hampshire IT.

3. Special projects

If your school is being extended, refurbished or even moving to a new building our project managers will provide impartial advice on hardware, network infrastructures, cabling contractors and ensure your school has a solid foundation for your IT. We will also project manage any installations of interactive whiteboards, digital signage, wireless networks and other required equipment.

The initial consultancy visit to the school is free of charge. We only charge for any subsequent project management or supplier liaison we undertake on your behalf.


Contact us

For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.