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Much more than just an internet connection, HPSN2 is a high quality and resilient fibre-optic network which connects Hampshire schools and education centres no matter what their location, urban or rural.

An impressive 99% of Hampshire schools have chosen to join HPSN2. They can now choose from a range of HPSN2 services, such as mobile telephony or Flexible Web Filtering.

Scheduled downtime for HPSN2 and its associated services is shown on the service availability page.

Comments from Hampshire schools after joining HPSN2

"All seemed to go very smoothly with minimal disruption."

"Aside from a little confusion over dates, the installation and migration process went very smoothly and we have been pleased with the performance of the connection since. Staff and students have noticed how much faster the internet access is."

"Excellent work at every stage - thank you!"

"The rollout of HPSN2 was extremely smooth for our school, all communication from both Hampshire IT and contractors was timely enough for the school to work around. When there was an issue with a date given to us and contractors were approachable and able to accommodate our change. A very good service all around."

"Internet connection is now much faster and there is a noticeable improvement in service. Thank you to the hard work of all the team involved as I appreciate we are only one school out of hundreds being looked after."


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