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HPSN2 services

New HPSN2 connection

Join the hundreds of schools enjoying the HPSN2 service.

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Increase your bandwidth

Upgrade your HPSN2 for a faster connection.

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Inter-school connectivity

When two schools wish to share data but retain separate networks.

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Bandwidth allocation changes

If your school wishes to change its allocation of bandwidth by VPN (e.g. for public VPN). The lead time for this will be 10-20 working days depending on the complexity of the work required.

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Open up port / firewall change

To connect via a particular port, or to let a third party company have access to a particular school server.

Included in HPSN2 cost

Details [Hantsnet]

Public IP address space - up to four addresses

This gives a school control over its internet access, inbound and outbound, using its local firewall. Each school can order up to four public IP addresses within their HPSN2 cost.

Included in HPSN2 cost

Details [Hantsnet]

Public IP address space - more than four addresses

Extra IP addresses can be ordered at £84 each

How to order [using vendor number 84693]

Flexible Web Filtering admin

Lets you manage your own filtering policy by allowing or blocking access to websites and web pages based on category, URL, or time of day.

Included in HPSN2 cost


Mobile phones

Mobile phone handsets can be purchased under the HPSN2 framework, giving great value for money. Many handsets and contracts are available however we recommend a Pay As You Go contract for low usage.

Price on application

andy.lang@telefonica.com from O2 for further information

For complex requests there may be an upfront charge of approximately £130 for a survey. This is to make sure that quotes are realistic and so customers do not receive high excess costs at the end of the work.

Hampshire schools annual HPSN2 rental cost

The annual rental cost is based on the formula:

Primary schools  £1,063 + £20.81 per pupil
Special schools  £1,063 + £11.78 per pupil
Secondary schools  £5,263 + £9.33 per pupil

HPSN2 charges use January school census data. The charges on this page apply to the initial HPSN2 bandwidth in your school. If your bandwidth increases in the future, then the rental cost may also increase.

Non-federated schools pay a lump sum plus a cost per pupil, as above. But for federated schools the lump sum is divided up between the schools in the federation.

When joining HPSN2 a school enters into a three year agreement. This term starts from the migration date. In the unlikely event a school wishes to leave before the end of the three year term then these termination fees will apply:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

% of remaining charges to be paid (until end of contract)




If a school wishes to terminate its HPSN2 connection we require written notice from the headteacher with six months’ notice. Cancellation fees will not apply for schools that move to academy status and choose to retain their HPSN2 service.


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