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We're delighted to offer Flexible Web Filtering as part of the great value HPSN2 service.

Flexible Web Filtering lets you decide which websites can and can't be accessed at your site or in your school. Your choices will be applied globally, that is, across the whole local network. FWF is an industry-leading solution for web filtering. It offers:

  • delegated administration so that you can adjust your filtering to your needs

  • enforcement of 'SafeSearch' options within search engines - this will allow full access to all functions of the search engines (ie, image and video searches) while preventing access to inappropriate content

  • virus scanning and scanning of encrypted (SSL) traffic for viruses.

A future release of FWF will offer more granular control and policy distribution, so that different levels of access can be given to different groups of users (for example, for differing business requirements, or different school years).

Hampshire schools

Apply using the form below. We'll give you FWF administration within ten working days.

As a security measure we will email your account details to the generic OWL admin officer account at your school. This is to prevent unknown users gaining access to the control panel. When you receive that email you will know your account is live.

The user guide below contains instructions on how to access and set up FWF.

In the future there will be an update to Flexible Web Filtering which will include an Active Directory integration add-on, allowing you to set bespoke filtering levels for individuals and for groups. This will be a limited rollout at first, then a general release. When the Active Directory add-on is available to all, we'll send a school communication and notify the Netman mailing list.

Flexible Web Filtering and the Active Directory add-on are available to HPSN2 users at no extra charge.

You need to be on the HPSN2 network to access the form and documentation. Why?
You can also use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere to download the documentation.


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