Hampshire IT

Why HPSN2?

Fibre optic

HPSN2 delivers great value for schools; it's a full service, much more than just an internet connection.


The connection

  • A fibre-optic cable capable of delivering 100 Megabits per second (Mbps)
  • Line capacity at day one is at least twice that of the SWAN line it replaces, at a reduced cost to schools
  • Free installation and upgrade to HPSN2
  • HPSN2 school fibre connects to the resilient (no single point of failure) HPSN2 10 Gigabit (Gbps) core
  • The HPSN2 core connects to the internet via a resilient JANET link capable of 1 Gbps
  • Managed router and switch to provide security and flexibility.

The provider

Virgin Media Business is the UK’s second largest broadband network operator (after BT). They own nearly 200km of fibre within the UK, providing a twenty-first century 'next generation access' level of service.


HPSN2 is a national leader in public service networks, delivering the highest government standards of security. School, pupil, parent and teacher data is held with an unprecedented level of security against cyber-crime.

Services included with HPSN2

  • SAP - financial and HR integration in a industry standard enterprise solution
  • Flexible Web Filtering - allowing central management or school control to block or unblock sites or categories
  • Firewall protection against spam, viruses and trojans, denial of service attack and hackers
  • Central internet caching
  • Children’s Services intranet with pupil performance (eg, Fisher Family trust data, E-safety guidance, HR guidance and more)
  • OWL secure email service for school managers.

Other Hampshire IT services best delivered through HPSN2

Service and support

  • Fully integrated help desks staffed 24/7

  • fault response within 30 minutes (during core hours)

  • fault fix time within eight working hours

  • where needed, an on-site visit within four working hours.

Charging model

HPSN2 is self-funding and not dependent upon government grants or cross-subsidies (that is, secondary schools do not subsidise primary schools). Within phases rural secondary schools' annual charges would be smoothed out across the sector.

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