Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Google Map

For contact information, you may wish to include a Google map showing the location of your school.

Please note that only one map can be applied to a page.

How to add a Google Map to a page

a) Open the text wizard from within the page that you wish to place the map in

b) Enter either:

  • The first line of the address and the postcode - (eg, 48-52 Andover Road, SO23 7BH)

  • The latitude and longitude of the school in the format lat,lng (eg 51.062549,-1.319369) with no spaces

c) Highlight the address or the co-ordinates text

d) On the style toolbar make sure that ‘Google Map’ is selected.

Adding Google maps

e) Save these changes.

When you return to the page, your map should appear as shown below:

Google map

If you receive an error message on your map saying 'not found' it is likely that a text line or character may have been accidently highlighted in the 'Google Map' style and therefore the code will attempt to look for two maps. To correct this highlight all main text as 'Normal' and re-apply the 'Google Map' style to the relevant part.

Please note this service is supplied by Google and not Hampshire County Council.  Please contact Google for any additional support requests.