Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Google Custom Search


In addition to contributing to other people's search engines, you can also build and deploy a Google Custom Search engine to search pages and key words of your Schools Website.

Google Custom Search

Please note this service is provided by Google and not Hampshire County Council.  Please contact Google for any additional support requests.


How to create

To set up a Google Custom Search you need to have / or create a Google Account.

  • Once you have logged into your Google Account, select the Create a custom search engine button

  • Complete the form and ensure that you include appropriate names and key words that you wish to use

  • In the sites to search box make sure that you include full website url of your School  website - e.g  - not the Staging Address

  • When completed, press Next and then Finish


Finding the search code

Once you have created this search you need to find its unique identifying code, which you’ll need to use to apply to your School's Website.

Google Code Search

  • To find this, click on Edit this search engine and then click on the Code option at the top of the screen

  • Within the Search Box Code you will need to look for the value of "cx".

  • When you have found this value, take reference of it and paste it into Notepad .


Applying the search to your Website

Once you have created your site and found the code for it you can apply your Search Box on your SWS site

Applying Google CS

  • To do this log onto the site and select Change site settings from the toolbar menu

  • Within the Google  Custom Search ID paste or type your cx value into the box and select Change once complete.

  • Your Google Custom Search will then be placed above your navigation menu and is ready for visitors to use to search your site!