Schools Website Service user guide

SWS Google Calendar


You can now also display Google Calendars in your SWS pages to show school events.

As with the custom search, you will need to have or create a Google Account to use the Calendar facility

Google Calendar

Please note this service is provided by Google and not Hampshire County Council.  Please contact Google for any additional support requests.


How to setup

Once you have logged in, click on create calendar and complete all fields by entering appropriate names and information.

  • Make sure the you tick the option to make this calendar public as this is required so that visitors will be able to view it on your SWS site.

  • You can also add people to share this calendar with you if you need others to modify or add events to it.

  • Once this is saved, you will be able to add and edit events that you wish to publicise. If you wish to make any changes to your calendar click on settings.

  • For the calendar to appear in SWS you will first need to copy some code so that we can embed into a new SWS page.

  • To find this code, click on settings and select the calendar details tab. Find the Embed This Calendar text box and copy the text after the value src= (up to &ctz=Europe) and paste into Notepad.

Calendar code


Embedding into SWS

  • Once you have copied this code, log into SWS and create a blank page to store this calendar

  • Open the text wizard and give the page an appropriate heading and copy your embedded code into the page.

  • Highlight your code and apply the Google Calendar style to this in the dropdown menu as show below. Press Save to finalise

Calender on SWS

  • In your page you should now see a Google calendar embedded for visitors to view your school events. Please note that this will be read only in SWS – the calendar will need to be edited within your Google Account.