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SWS Google Analytics


Use Google Analytics to see how visitors interact with your website as well as a wide range of statistical reports.

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Google Analytics

Please note this service is provided by Google and not Hampshire County Council.  Please Contact Google for any additional support requests.


How to create

To setup Google Analytics on your site you need to have or create a Google account.

  • Access the Google Analytics site and login using your existing Google account, or create a new account.

  • Once you have logged in you will need to enter some details about your site, remembering to enter the full web address of your site (not the staging site), eg:


Finding the analytics ID

Once you have entered your site details a section of code will be displayed.  You will need to make a note of the ID which is displayed between the quotes as highlighted below:

Google analytics code


Applying to your site

Once you have made a note of your analytics ID, log into your website as normal and access the Site Settings.

Click Yes to enable Statistics, and enter your Analytics ID in the box provided

You will now be able to view the statistics by logging into Google Analytics.

Note: Statistics are updated every 24 hours..