Schools Website Service user guide

18 Advanced Styles

Styles available:

  • Floated Images

    A few styles allow images to be neatly placed inside text, enabling text to flow and wrap around them.
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  • Picture List

    Allows images to be neatly aligned against text, with neat clearing between items with either a border around the picture or the text and picture.
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  • Split Columns

    Allow content to be split into pseudo-columns which can contain full formatting options. Headings can be included and images can be floated within each area.
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  • Tabbed Page

    Allows blocks of content to be arranged into a 'tabbed' menu. The first row of the table defines the tab menu items. The second row defines the actual content to be displayed inside each tab. Tabbed areas are displayed or hidden based on the currently selected menu item.
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  • Multi Page

    Allows content to be split into pseudo-pages, enabling users to move back and forward through the range of pages.
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By making use of embedding text objects within these styles, one style set can be embedded inside another. For example, a tabbed menu area could contain a picture list or some split columns.