Schools Website Service user guide

Photo Album Layout

Using the Photo Album layout, you can add some personalised pictures to each page of your site. Here's how:

  • Choose 'photoalbum' from the list of templates and apply it.
  • On each page of your site, edit the text in the page by selecting the little pencil icon.
  • Insert a table into the page (it doesn't matter where!) and make a 3 row by 1 column table
  • Set the table style to 'Photo Album Backgrounds'.
  • In each 'cell' of the table place a square image, no smaller than 100x100 pixels.

Save the page, and your personalised pictures will sit in the template very neatly.

Sample screen of Photo Album Layout

If you want to change away from this layout, your pictures will just sit tidily in each page as a small image gallery, so you can remove them at your leisure.

Showing location of images in style