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Why you should buy SIMS support from Hampshire IT

Hampshire IT provides a prompt, efficient and professional SIMS support service to all Hampshire schools who have bought in to the SIMS Support element of the SLA.

We have dedicated specialist support teams for both primary schools and secondary schools, to give schools as personal a service as possible. We welcome feedback or suggestions from schools and constantly strive to improve on our already high quality service.

The SIMS Support team has extensive expertise in all areas of SIMS, including:

  • SIMS Performance Suite (includes Assessment, Performance Analysis, Reporting, Profiles)
  • SIMS Curriculum Management (includes Nova, Academic Management, Examination Organiser, Course Manager, Options and Cover)
  • SIMS Registration Suite (includes Attendance and Lesson Monitor)
  • SIMS Behaviour Management
  • SIMS Core Suite (includes Home Page, pupil/student records, SEN, Personnel, Reporting, School Census and System Manager)
  • Hampshire Tracking Package (The Hampshire KS1 and KS2 Tracking Packages have been developed by Hampshire IT to meet the assessment needs of the majority of Hampshire schools. The Tracking Packages are available to all primary phase schools and are provided free of charge. These templates use SIMS Assessment to record, track and report pupil progress. Hampshire IT works in conjunction with HIAS when producing the Tracking Packages and has incorporated assessment strategies laid down by both local and national government).

The SIMS Support team strives to deal with all SIMS issues in a friendly and efficient manner and we regularly exceed our published SLA targets. The IT Help Desk provides a single point of contact for each call.

Members of the SIMS Support team have extensive experience of working in a school environment, and therefore fully appreciate the pressures school users are under and the need for prompt and efficient responses.

When we ask for personal data from schools, say for testing or for further investigation, we follow guidance set by ISO 27001 for copying, handling, encrypting and disposing of that data.


In addition to providing support relating to SIMS issues, the team are responsible for providing schools with clear and concise notes of guidance on how to extract relevant information from SIMS for the various statutory returns and returns required by Hampshire County Council, for example the School Census.

The team also provides schools with clear and concise notes of guidance on other necessary functions that need to be completed in SIMS, for example the downloading of exam results. All notes provided are fully tested before being published and pass through a strict quality assurance process to ensure they are accurate and of high quality and to ensure that any returns or functions can be carried out confidently by schools.


The SIMS Support Team promotes and encourages best use of SIMS to ensure schools get the most from their data.

We provide advice on how data in SIMS can be most effectively used in schools to move forward with their strategic direction.


within the SIMS software.