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The Schools Information Management System (SIMS) is an integrated management information system which is by used by nearly 100% of Hampshire schools. It is produced by Capita Children's Services and supplied and supported by Hampshire IT.

SIMS is a suite of products that supports all aspects of a school’s management information needs, including core pupil records, attendance, behaviour, performance, curriculum management, timetable organisation, and more.

Information is entered into SIMS once and reused throughout the system, minimising the chance of errors and ensuring the latest information is readily available to those who need it.

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Centrally Hosted SIMS start page

SIMS Learning Gateway start page

SIMS Support pages (Hantsnet)

SIMS Teacher app (Hantsnet)

Key features of the Core Suite:

  • A complete picture of all pupils: Key data on individual attendance, progress, behaviour, achievements and special educational needs displayed on a single screen, with quick links to the details, to inform pupil/parent meetings and give you the complete picture

  • Up-to-date pupil records: The information you need about your pupils, with ‘Alerts’ to remind you when it needs updating

  • Comprehensive reports: Relevant data on persistent or unexplained absences, behaviour incidents, SEN provision and the SEF is all reported directly from the SIMS Core records

  • Efficient communication: Send immediate messages straight to the right people, prepare quick letters home without searching for addresses, as the contact details are already saved in SIMS. Keep staff in the loop with the SIMS Home Page Diary

  • Statutory Returns compiled electronically: The correct Returns created and submitted straight from the data already saved in SIMS, taking the hard work out of a necessary task

  • Staff data held centrally: Professional details, qualifications and training held together and pulled through into other parts of the suite including class lists, timetables, and Staff Cover

Hampshire IT also supports other parts of the SIMS Suite of products including:

  • SIMS Assessment & Reporting Suite: Assessment recording, target setting, performance analysis and Profiles

  • SIMS Registration Suite: All aspects of attendance by statutory registration, analysis and reports and management of letters home to parents

  • SIMS Behaviour Management: Record, monitor, analyse and report on behaviour and achievement - helps inform disciplinary decisions and rewards and provide a focus for parents’ evenings.

  • SIMS Lesson Monitor: Allows teachers to record lesson attendance directly into SIMS and then it’s compared against the morning or afternoon register to identify students who are missing individual lessons. Includes Electronic report cards - These can be attached to a student’s record in SIMS and eliminates the need for a student on report to take this from lesson to lesson

  • SIMS Curriculum Management Suite: Nova T6 for Timetable construction organisation management and analysis, SIMS curriculum management, manage student Options, Examinations Organiser, staff Cover

  • SIMS IEP Writer: A simplified process of target-setting that can be used for all your students including Special Educational Needs (SEN) by using individual education plans (IEPs)

  • SIMS Learning Gateway gives a single point of access into SIMS via any computer with an internet connection, letting teachers, parents or pupils find information quickly and securely

  • Centrally Hosted SIMS provides the SIMS software centrally from Hampshire IT’s data centre, rather than having it hosted on a local school server. This centrally hosted solution provides schools with long-term financial savings, increased data security and removes the need for local SIMS backups

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