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Dealing with virus infections

The following steps are relevant to all schools whether they are using the Hampshire IT automated virus protection service or managing their own protection. For all centrally managed schools Hampshire IT and the nominated school contact will receive an automated email alert when McAfee is unable to clean a virus and we will assist with any remedial steps that need to be taken.

If you suspect that you have found a virus, please carry out these steps:

  1. Ensure that anti-virus software is installed on your computer (McAfee VirusScan displays a shield icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen).

  2. Ensure that you have updated your computer with the latest virus definitions. Carry out update if required.

  3. Exit all programs, and then shut down Windows.

  4. Turn off the computer completely and wait thirty seconds to allow any memory-resident viruses to clear. Disconnect any network cable from your computer to stop the virus spreading across your local network.

  5. Power up the computer, with your anti-virus software loaded. You will need to ‘log on locally’ if the computer is on a client/server system such as EdICTNet.

  6. Perform a full system scan, making sure that the anti-virus software is set to scan all files. For McAfee VirusScan, go Start | All Programs | Network Associates | VirusScan On-Demand Scan

  7. If necessary the anti-virus software will prompt for action to be carried out on any infected file, namely Disinfect or Delete. Click as appropriate.

  8. When the all clear is given, reconnect network cable and log back on to your computer or network domain.

Contact the IT Help Desk to report any virus which is not successfully dealt with by McAfee VirusScan


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