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Software standards

The Hampshire IT Consultancy Team offer extensive support and advice on the broad range of hardware and software available. We help schools in making decisions about which services and products best suit their needs and support them in implementing these decisions. For more advice or a free of charge initial visit please contact the Consultancy Team via the IT Help Desk.

Futureclass Hosted School Service

With this service Hampshire IT hosts, looks after and develops a school's IT estate, allowing the school to spread costs evenly. The school is in control, but releases the support and maintenance to Hampshire IT, allowing learning and teaching to be supported in and out of school. More information on Futureclass Hosted School Service.

MS Software

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Hampshire IT currently supports the EdICTNet Plus network solution running Server 2003 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) for network fileservers and Windows XP Professional with SP3 for workstations.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Hampshire IT supply and support Windows Server 2008 in our Hosted Schools Service environment which is currently in pilot.  A live service is planned for Sept 2011, further details are available here [link to project page?]. Support for bespoke Server 2008 installations can be offered on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Microsoft Vista

Hampshire IT do not supply or install Windows Vista, but can offer support on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Microsoft Windows 7

Hampshire IT supply and support Windows 7 in our Hosted Schools Service environment which is currently in pilot. Support for bespoke Windows 7 installations can be offered on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Mixed economy operating systems

Hampshire IT does not currently support a mixed economy of Windows based operating systems on a single network domain (i.e. a mix of XP and Windows 7 clients on a single network).

Windows Service Packs

Hampshire IT support the latest service packs for Windows Server 2003 and XP Professional.

MS Office

Hampshire IT currently supports Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Service Pack 3.

Office XP

Given compatibility issues with SIMS, we do not recommend that schools install and use this version of office.

Office 2007

Hampshire IT does not currently support Office 2007 in line with general advice which states that there remains no compelling business case for deployment, and that the use of Office 2007 could adversely affect document interoperability between the school or college and the home environment. We are aware that some schools have chosen to adopt Office 2007 and this is fine provided they have alternative support arrangements for this application.

Office 2007 is most commonly delivered and used with Vista and provides an updated and very different look and feel to Office 2003. This version of Office also includes changes to the format in which the documents and spreadsheets are saved. We are keeping this product under review and further advice will be available in due course.

Internet Explorer

Hampshire IT currently supports the use of Internet Explorer 8. To check your current version open Internet Explorer, select Help, then About Internet Explorer.

Alternative web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc)

Hampshire IT does not currently support alternative web browsers in the admin office, and schools who choose to, do so at their own risk.

Microsoft SQL (for SIMS) - SQL Server 2008

Almost all primary schools now use 'Centrally Hosted SIMS'. Secondary schools and the few primary schools that still use locally hosted SIMS will have upgraded to SQL 2008, in line with Capita standards.




The OWL (Outlook Web Link) service is a fully managed email service designed for head teachers, admin officers and other nominated school staff. All inbound email is scanned for viruses and unsolicited mail (spam) before delivery.


@Mail is a service designed for pupils and for use in the curriculum by staff. It is normally administered locally by the school and administrative access is requested by the school through the normal support route.

An online guide is available for using the web-based email service and assistance is also available for local administrators. Schools which connect to the internet via SWAN/HPSN2 are entitled to sufficient hosted email addresses to cover all pupils and staff as an inclusive part of their SWAN/HPSN2 contract provided that they administer the accounts locally. If your school requires more addresses than those currently provided please contact the IT Help Desk

Further information on Hampshire ITs email services.

Other Software

Curriculum Packages

Curriculum software installation can be time consuming and complicated for schools to manage. EdICTNet Plus includes an infrastructure that allows you to easily install software from the Management Console. To utilise this feature, you must have a Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) for each curriculum title you wish to install. MSIs are sometimes supplied by the vendor of the software but in most cases need to be developed specifically for the network it will be run on.

The new Hosted Schools Solution will take this a step further utilising App-V technology to easily deliver curriculum titles without the need for a local workstation installation.  This is a much cleaner delivery model compared to MSIs as it cannot adversely affect the local workstation operating system in terms of stability or performance.

Further details will be available in due course.


The majority of Hampshire schools are connected to SAP. SAP is the County’s Finance and HR management system; it is a one-stop shop for personnel and financial management data, and reporting.

A machine (or number of machines) will need to be specially configured to run SAP. In addition a printer will also need to be configured. The lead times for these configurations vary, but it is recommended that at least one month is allocated from placement of order to required date to ensure deadlines are met.

HWI (Hantsnet Web Interface) is the name given to a piece of software which allows schools to log into SAP.

Financial Planning Software for Schools

Hampshire County Council Education Finance has a software package called Financial Planning Software for Schools. This package allows schools to strategically plan their resources and is capable of doing a lot more that the staffing budget. It can be used for the whole school budget and is able to create a 5 year plan. This software package is recommended by the DfE and is currently being used by local authorities throughout the country.

Support for Financial Planning Software for Schools is provided through the same support routes as SAP by Education Financial Services. Schools telephoning the IT Help Desk for help will be directed to this team for advice and guidance.



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For urgent issues, call the IT Service Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.